Coxmate Audio Kit

Includes Audio amplifier with microphone, Battery Charger, Charge Adaptor, Arm Strap, and silicone grease. It is supplied in convenient carry case.
Coxmate Audio amplifierCoxmate Audio amplifier
Price: $430.00
Coxmate Audio amplifierCoxmate microphone with windsock for wind noise reduction
Coxmate Audio amplifierCoxmate charger and charging adapter
Coxmate Audio amplifierCoxmate Audio Arm Band

A low cost solution for voice amplification.  Outstanding battery life and crisp voice amplification from cox or coach (via radio) in a very durable unit.

Kit Includes:

  • Coxmate Audio Unit
  • Microphone with windsock for wind noise reduction
  • Charger for Lithium Battery
  • Arm Strap
  • Silicone grease

The Coxmate Audio is a compact waterproof rechargeable audio amplifier designed for on water use. It delivers clear audio and is designed for durability. It is equipped with long lasting Li Polymer batteries and a digital amplifier for energy efficiency. 

  •   Long lasting batteries: 12.5 watt hour rechargeable Lithium polymer gives ~12 hours runtime. Recharge time ~ 4hours
  •   Digital amplifier for increased run time
  •   Automatic power down if speakers are not connected –voids accidental flattening of  batteries.
  •   Automatic retention of volume setting when turned off/on.
  •   Short circuit protection of speaker output.
  •   Compatible with any of the Coxmate or Nielsen Kellerman ® speaker/loom systems, chargers and current microphones
  •   Provision of socket  for connecting radio – enables coach to crew communication. 
  •   Integral belt clip for belt or arm/leg- strap available- mount
  •  Two way radio input for coaches


o Buoyancy: floats

o Sealing: IP67

o Dimensions of Audio:94x80x36 mm

o Weight of Audio: approx 210g

o Speakers: Up to a maximum of 4 speakers can be connected.

o EMC:   FCC: Part 15 Class B. CE: EN50081.1:IEC/CISPR61000-6-3:1996 Class B(radiated emissions) and 61000.4.2 2002 electrostatic discharge immunity. Note, unit might be affected by devices which radiate high levels of radio energy.


Download the Coxmate Audio brochure and operating manual from our Technical Support page. 


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