6W Four 2 Speaker / Harness System w/ Seat Sensor

6W Speaker/Harness System for a Four including a seat sensor and 2 speakers.
Price: $245.00

This Coxmate 6W system configuration includes:

All parts are sheathed with a polyurethane cable and connectors as well as moulded connections. Each of the above items include self adhesive Velcro straps to secure cables, making the system easy to fit and remove. 

To enable the pick up to be mounted under the boat deck and out of harms way, this 6W Seat Sensor features a large magnet and a high sensitivity reed switch.

For semi-permanent mounting using screws, use Coxmate's Split Cable Gland Retainer and Insert for incredibly easy and water tight bulkhead penetration.

Designed for maximum durability and sound quality, the Coxmate 6W Speaker/Harness System can handle the high power of today's amplifiers.

Note the Coxed Four speakers without seat sensor is a separate product.

To find all compatible parts, configurations and instructions, read our product brochure for Coxmate wiring harness. Learn more about rowing boat wiring configurations to help you get your boat set up with the new 6W system. For additional details, including price comparisons, check out our blog