Coxmate SX with PC Analysis Software

GPS, PC Analysis, Audio Amplification, Impeller Compatibility, Speed Measurement
Price: $1,030.00

The Coxmate SX has more features than any other coxing unit. As the only unit with both audio amplification and GPS in the one machine, the Coxmate SX saves you the hassle of having to worry about multiple bits of equipment. In fact, with superior battery life, shock protection and water protection to the competitors, you won’t be worrying about the SX ever.


Stop Wasting Time Calibrating Impellers!

The Coxmate SX boasts a GPS to record speed measurement. Gone are the days of needlessly calibrating impellers for speed measurement.

Impellers are now history – GPS saves you time and provides extreme accuracy.

Still stuck in your old ways and don’t want to part with your precious impellers? Fear not! The Coxmate SX is still compatible with all NK and Coxmate impellers. If you’re not quite ready to quit calibrating, the option is still there.


Audio Amplification

The Coxmate SX provides excellent amplification. If hearing the coxswain is important to you, then the SX is the obvious choice.

The SX remembers your volume setting. When you turn the unit off for the day and come back the next the volume will consistent. A small detail, but it’s the small things which separate our products from the rest.

With a standard  3.5mm input for 2-way radio (coach to crew communication), getting your message to the crew/coach has never been more effective.



Clubs have to be careful with money and by robust equipment that can cope with the rough and tumble of club use. That’s why the SX has been equipped with a range of features which will help it survive.

The Coxmate SX has a waterproof rating IP67. Accidentally drop it in the water as you’re getting in/out – not a problem. Do you then drop it on the way back to the club house on concrete? It’ll survive that too.


What Does The PC Analysis Software Do?

Automatic time and date stamping of records.

  • The ability to annotate records with crew, weather and other details.
  • Graphing of up to four variables, plotted against either time, distance or stroke count.
  • Graphing of up to four records, as either a single chart or four separate graphs.
  • Zoom in, forward/reverse scroll
  • Precise reading of any point on graph
  • Display synchronized video on screen with dynamic graph.
  • Viewing rowing from either a Macro view eg comparing one 2000m piece with another, or, a Micro view eg comparing the speed profile of a stroke at beginning and end of 2000m piece*.


What Does The SX Come With

Included in this purchase is the Coxmate SX Unit, Microphone, Battery and Charger, Grease, Carry Case and Adjustable Mount


The Fine Print

So you want to see the exact specs of the Coxmate SX? We aren’t afraid of you seeing them – in fact we’re proud. The font size alone should prove that!

Battery Information: Batteries: 1200mAH NiMH: Run time up to 8 hrs. Charge time approx 14 hrs.

Speed Information: Speed measured with inbuilt GPS or attached impeller. Will operate with any Coxmate or NK impeller.

Speed Measurement: Rating recorded from 6-199.9 spm with accuracy to 0.1 spm. Stopwatch: 0 to 59:59 minutes. Stroke Count: 0 to 9999.

Survivability: Waterproof with IP67 rating (up to 2m temporary immersion). Shock 1.5m drop on concrete. Unit is not buoyant.

Dimensions: Size approximately 98x85x46mm. Weight approximately 450g.

Electrics: Radio Input: 3.5mm jack. EMC: FCC Part 15 Class B. CE; EN50081:1; IEC/CISPR61000-6-3:1996 Class B(radiated emissions) and 61000.4.2 electrostatic discharge immunity.