PC Interface Kit for SX

PC hardware interface and powerful analysis software for SX
 PC Interface Kit for SX (SX-PC-Analysis) PC Interface Kit for SX (SX-PC-Analysis)
Price: $200.00


Kit includes  USB lead for connecting SX to USB port on computer and powerful analysis software.


This software package enables data collected by the SX to be downloaded to a PC and analysed. It provides:

  • Automatic time and date stamping of records.
  • The ability to annotate records with crew, weather and other details.Graphing of up to four variables, plotted against either time, distance or stroke count.
  • Graphing of up to four records, as either a single chart or four separate graphs.
  • Zoom in, forward/reverse scroll
  • Precise reading of any point on graph
  • Display synchronized video on screen with dynamic graph.Viewing rowing from either a Macro view eg comparing one 2000m piece with another, or, a Micro view eg  comparing the speed profile of a stroke at beginning and end of 2000m piece. Impeller required for Micro view.

Download the Coxmate PC Analysis brochure and operating manual from our Technical Support page.