Dragon Boaters, Coxswains and club members alike, Coxmate would like to introduce the all new Coxmate Dragon Boating Page. This has been a long time coming but we are very excited to be able to release the electronic equipment Coxmate now has available for ever-growing sport of Dragon Boating.

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The problem:

Lets face it, Dragon Boating is a loud sport, that's why we love it, but with all that noise, hearing each other or anything other than the drummers beat becomes impossible.

Because it is essential that all calls are heard correctly amidst the noise of heated competition, this problem needs to be solved and Coxmate has your solution. We have been solving these problems in the sport of rowing for 10 years and now we are applying our expertise to Dragon Boating.

Coxmate’s Solutions: 

The new Dragon Boat section of the Coxmate store includes a range of electronic equipment that allows you to:

Visit our Dragon Boating section of the Coxmate Store to find out how Coxmate can make your Dragon Boat crew faster.

Users love Coxmate

Hi Peter, 

I wish to advise that I have been using the Coxmate Audio System for in excess of 5 years at State, Australian and 4 World Championships and found it an invaluable piece of equipment for motivating and keeping crews focused. 

Whether it be in sprint racing over 200 and 500 metres or a "must have" during a hotly contested 2000 metre turn race at a World Championship , I strongly recommend the Cox Mate to prospective purchasers. 

Ross Boyce 

Senior Sweep Brisbane River Dragons and Helm Senior C Division Australian Auroras Dragon Boat Team

Resources for Dragon Boating:

After seeing such great success with our Resources for Coxswains page, we will now be providing up to date news and articles of interest for all you Dragon Boaters out there on our Resources for Dragon Boating page.

This page is still in its early stages but we will be adding to and updating it frequently, so if anyone is interested in writing articles as a guest blogger or sending in audio or video footage of their Dragon Boating Crew then please contact us at Coxmate. It’s a great way to drum up some extra support for your crew.

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