Get loud in your Dragon Boat with Coxmate


Coxmate has been designing and selling electronic equipment for paddle boats for over a decade and NOW we are applying our expertise to Dragon Boating equipment.

Designed from frustration using products that broke or didn’t function as we wanted, we bring modern electronic technologies to enable you to amplify your caller or steersman in a  Dragon Boating and measure boat speed as no one has done before.


Get an electronic edge on your competition


The Coxmate range of electronic equipment for Dragon Boats allows your Dragon Boating crew to:


Coxmate HC                   Coxmate AA+               Coxmate SX

Some crews want to be able to hear their caller more clearly - especially during a noisy side by side race: Others want to find out if their calls make the boat faster; or which sequence of strokes get the boat moving quickest out of the blocks at the start of a race.  Choose the Coxmate product that suits your needs.


But what does it mean for your crew?


To put it simply, we enable your crew to hear the drummer or the steersman clearly using the voice amplification, giving your crew a better chance of accurate communication during training and racing competition.

The loudspeakers are strung along a wire which can have the amplifier mounted at either end - so if you prefer the drummer to talk, you can just switch the wire around.

Users endorse Coxmate


Hi Peter, 
I wish to advise that I have been using the Coxmate Audio System for in excess of 5 years at State, Australian and 4 World Championships and found it an invaluable piece of equipment for motivating and keeping crews focused. 
Whether it be in sprint racing over 200 and 500 metres or a "must have" during a hotly contested 2000 metre turn race at a World Championship , I strongly recommend the Cox Mate to prospective purchasers. 

Ross Boyce 
Senior Sweep Brisbane River Dragons and Helm Senior C Division Australian Auroras Dragon Boat Team