Coxmate SRT+ Full Kit

The mid range, value for money unit. Includes the Coxmate SRT controller, charger, microphone and carry case
Coxmate SRTCoxmate SRT
Price: $780.00

The mid range, value for money unit.

The Coxmate SRT has been upgraded with a new larger backlit display. It displays, stroke rate, elapsed time and stroke count. It has RECALL function for reviewing time splits or rating and a metronome function to assist in setting rate. The unit has a clock and an alarm function- can be used to help get crews to start on time.

The SRT+ is supplied with an adjustable bracket with a magnetic mechanical connection to SRT+. An optional adaptor is available to fit unit into NK ‘cup’. The microphone connects to the unit via a 3.5mm waterproof plug. The amplifier uses the latest digital technology and battery life is 60% longer than current systems.


  • Batteries: 800mAH NiMH: Run time up to 10 hrs. Charge time approx 15 hrs.
  • Rating: 6 – 199.9 strokes per minute. Resolution 0.1 strokes per minute.
  • Stopwatch: 0 to 99:59 (m:s).
  • Stroke Count: 0 to 9999
  • Sealing: Waterproof. IP67, 2 metre temporary immersion.
  • Shock: 1.5 metre drop on concrete.
  • Buoyancy: Unit floats.
  • Weight: Approx 300g
  • Dimensions: Approx 98x85x46mm
  • Radio Input: 3.5mm jack
  • 61000.4.2 electrostatic discharge immunity.


  • The Coxmate SRT+Kit includes the Coxmate SRT controller, charger, microphone and carry case.


Download the Coxmate SRT+ brochure and operating manual from our Technical Support page.