Quit your craning.

Forget the zing of panic when sculling - that niggling worry that you'll crash into something at any moment. Gone are the days of craning your neck for every second stroke to make sure you're headed in the right direction. Here's a super easy solution for you, scullers, that doesn't involve repetitive motion syndrome and neck aches: a mirror.

Cap-mounted Sculler's Mirror, that is.

Just like driving, you need to know where you're going. Turning around to check constantly is just impractical. That's why we carry the Sculler's Mirror. It's handy, it's scratch resistant, it's easily adjusted AND it mounts onto your hat (which you should be wearing to protect yourself from the sun... along with sunscreen, as we're sure you know). Position it once and it won't budge a bit.

Find the Sculler's Mirror in the Coxmate shoppe and start sculling practically... and quickly.


We're delighted to tell you about the Aussie men's 8 who have been using the new Coxmate speaker harness in their boat as they prepare for the Rio Olympics!

The Australia Men's 8 say speakers are better:

"I believe Fergus Pragnell sent you an email earlier about us having installed your gear into the boat, just thought I’d drop my own note now seeing as we have been using the system for a few weeks now. Once again, thanks so much for sending us the gear, I will be taking it overseas to the qualification regatta as it has been a good system!

Overall I can highly recommend the Coxmate speaker system. Installation was extremely easy and was able to fit the eight with a four speaker system in around 20 minutes; not needing any tools or hardware to install.  It was a huge time saver and makes it easy to install by anyone. Sound quality was impressive to say the least. I’m hearing (and the rowers) are definitely getting a clearer sound than the previous system we had in the boat. 3 days after the install we flooded the boat during a power work out, completely submerging the speaker system as we nearly sank, and the speakers didn’t lose any clarity. The clearness of the sound allows me to keep my amplifier unit at a lower volume which saves a lot of battery.

Thanks again Peter, I’ve recommended the system in the opportune moments that I have in this short time frame already and will continue to do so. When I head back to UW I’ll see what we can do there as well."

-Coxswain Stuart Sim

To improve sound distribution, we were the first to sell a wiring loom with 4 speakers for an 8 and we're thrilled to be the speaker system used for the Men's 8 team! Our new 6W Speaker/Harness System was created for maximum durability and sound quality. It handles the high power of today's amplifiers. 

Get the Coxmate 6W Speaker/Harness System that the Australia Men's 8 are using in our shoppe today.



Do you have a Coxmate GPS? Are you an iOS user? Coxmate will be launching a new beta version of the Coxmate GPS software for iOS! We need your help.

We are looking for beta testers for the new iOS GPS app. Would you be willing to help? We are SO thrilled to be creating an app for the Coxmate GPS and beta testers will help us to refine it and make it user friendly.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at peterhodson@coxmate.com.au with the title of this post in the subject if you are interested in becoming a beta tester for our new app.

For more information about the Coxmate GPS visit our shoppe.

Are you headed to the Australian Masters Rowing Championships this year? We are! Coxmate will be exhibiting and rubbing shoulders with other vendors in the industry as well all you Masters rowers. Maybe we'll meet up with you in sunny Queensland!

To help you get solid training outcomes and keep costs low, we've got a couple of great offers you can take advantage of before the big event to save $$.

Coxmate GPS without Heart Rate Pickup

For a limited time, Coxmate is offering the Coxmate GPS without the heart rate pickup for $250. With $35 savings, you can get our high powered, waterproof sports computer to help you analyse your data and improve your boat speeds. But supplies are limited, so get yours before they all row away.  

NOTE: the Heart Rate pickup is a chip inside the GPS unit that reads data from a heart rate chest strap.  All other features are identical to the regular Coxmate GPS.

Buy 5 for a Sweeping Deal

What else are we offering? For clubs, we think our 5 for $1250 bundle is a deal worth swooning over. Do your rowers want to increase boat speed? Improve racing starts? Get them the Coxmate GPS and save $175. And there's nothing like a little incentive to let new club members know you've got the technology to help them keep track of their rate, speed, distance, time and more. Now that'll make a splash.

Pick yours up at the Australian Masters Rowing Championships 2016

If you're attending the Australian Masters Rowing Championships, save the cost of shipping and handling and pick up your purchase up with us direct. We'll bring your brand new Coxmate equipment with us and it'll be ready for you on the first day of the event. Just use the coupon code MASTERS16 at the online shop checkout and save $7.95. Note this applies to any product purchase.

Known for rowing innovations

We lead innovation for rowing electronics. We were first with a GPS amplifier, first with 4 speakers in an 8 and now we're offering the lowest price GPS unit for coxless boats.

Comparable to the NK SpeedCoach™ (but $420 cheaper), it's compact, rechargeable and has 3.5 gigs of data. Hook it up to your computer, download your data, and start improving and planning new workouts. 

So, buy online in the shop, take advantage of our latest deals before the big event.

If you're not a master rower yet, we can help you get there. If you're already a master rower, we'll keep striving to help you get stronger strokes and better times, guaranteed.

Are you following us on Facebook? You should be! Because we've shared some really helpful stuff from The Coxswain Perspective blog by Rory Corpus recently. If you're a novice, you should definitely take a read over there when you're not coxing. 

We've rounded up some of our fave tips for beginner coxswains below for you newbies because, we know, you will need (and want) all the help you can get!

Ask Questions

Coxing/rowing is essentially a new language you need to learn so ask all the questions now.

Your Calls

Learn them and make sure your team knows what you mean!

Be Safe

You're in control of the boat and your rowers, it's your job to keep you all safe.

Practice Drills

Just like everything, practice before getting into the boat so you can ask questions if you got 'em.


Listen to your rowers and learn what motivates them and what they need from you out on the water.

Make Friends

You will, inevitably, but when you're kind to your rowers in and out of practice they'll be kind to you... and more forgiving of your inevitable mistakes.


We can't stress these enough! Yes, getting out on the water you will get firsthand experience but you can be a HUGE hazard, source of annoyance and frustration to yourself, the team, your boat if you don't take the initiative and learn. If you do, you'll have the confidence you'll need when you get out on the water.

Of course, there's so much more to coxing and, as mentioned above, you'll want all the help you can get. Here are a few places you can get tips, suggestions, and connect with other coxswains: