This is the second of a series of Coxmate product comparisons. The first comparison pitted the Coxmate SRT+ and the NK Cox Box. The aim of these comparisons is to help you choose the equipment that fits your needs.


This time we will be comparing the Coxmate AA to the Nielsen Kellerman Cox Box® Mini.

The Similarities:


Both the Coxmate AA and the NK Cox Box Mini provide voice amplification for the coxswain. Both units are also compatible with the same speaker harnesses. This means the AA will work with any NK speaker harness and vice versa.


Both units are also built to survive. Both the Cox Box Mini and the Coxmate AA are waterproof to the same international standard, IP67.  This means they designed and sealed to be temporarily waterproof up to a depth of 2m.  They are also both designed to float, and withstand shock. The Coxmate AA can withstand a 1.5m fall.  While no specifics were given about the Cox Box Mini, it has protective bumpers that improve its durability. The Coxmate AA features protective covers for all external connectors to keep them clean when not in use and also includes short circuit protection to protect the speaker.

Points of Difference:

Battery Life:

Here’s a major point of difference between the AA and the NK Cox Box Mini. The battery life of each unit is significantly different.


The Coxmate batteries will allow it to operate for up to 6 hours – based on 50% volume and talking 50% of time. With a 10 hour charge time from empty. This operating time is significantly higher than the NK Cox Box Mini. The AA battery is replaceable, but requires you to unscrew and open the unit it in order to do so. This means that you can’t change out the battery pack on the water.


Based on same 50/50 criteria NK’s Cox Box Mini battery will last 4 hours. The charge cycle for the Cox Box Mini is also slower than the Coxmate taking 12 hours faster than the Coxmate taking around 9.5 hours to charge from empty.


However the Cox Box Mini gains points back with the ability to quickly and easily switch battery packs, even while on the water, you simply twist the new pack into place. Although this does require the cox to carry spare battery packs, not to mention the added cost of buying extra battery packs.


The AA is lighter than the Cox Box Mini. The Cox Box Mini weighs in at 567g (1.25lbs) whereas the AA sits at 250g (0.55lbs) making the Coxmate less than half the weight.

Price: *

Coxmate AA: AU$490 (Includes: AA control unit, charger, microphone and carry case). Spares: Battery $40, Microphone $110.


NK Cox Box Mini: AU$636 (Includes: Cox Box Mini control unit, charger, microphone and protective bumpers). Spare: Battery $125, Microphone $149


*These are the Australian price points. Check with your local distributor if you’re outside of Australia.

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