I was interested to hear if you had any reviews of the Coxmate GPS? It looks a good product, do you know how anyone is getting on with it?

There are several reviews – from Rowperfect website Coxmate GPS Review by Tom Carter.

From the our own website Coxmate GPS a hit with athletes.

From the Rowing discussion group on Reddit

 (Tom Carter’s review is the same as the one above but has comments below from other readers).

A detailed discussion on Rec.Sport.Rowing forum on a range of rowing boat speed / distance measurement tools and apps.

Jono Clegg GBR lightweight sculler reviews the Coxmate GPS with his Leander team mates.

Plus a video about how the Coxmate GPS unit works

You know your role as coxswain in the boat is to steer. And to motivate and give directions to the crew. If you're not doing those things well, something else is on your mind. That's why we have rounded up 10 ways to be a good coxswain because, heaven knows we could use a little direction ourselves, from time to time.


1 Take direction

We can all be a little guilty of being the Chatty Cathy: loud, boisterous, and always talking. That's all good and well, coxswains, but often it's best to shush and listen. Especially when at practice. As with any other athlete in a team sport, your coach has some knowledge to impart to you, and so do your teammates. Listen to what they have to say. Take all their input and put it into consideration next time you're in the boat. It will make you a better coxswain, trust me.

2 Row

If you want to give good calls and instruction - if you want to understand how a rower thinks - you need to row. Ask your coach to evaluate your rowing. Do it often.

3 Organise

It’s your job to get the crew launched on time for the practice, your job to ensure that everyone gets on and off the water safely and is prepared.

4 Steer

Be careful with how you handle the rudder wires.  Can you be effective with minimal movements?  How can you make steering happen to minimise disruption to the crew?

5 The Coach’s Liaison

The coach is in charge - but you have the microphone!  You have to be the effective communicator between the coach and the crew.  Do you know when to just repeat instruction and when to interpret and adapt the coach’s words?  Also how often do you represent the crew’s views back to the coach?

6 Flow of Practice

This is a tip from Yasmin Farooq - you are responsible for the flow of the outing - know in advance what the workout is, keep the focus of the crew in the boat so they deliver the best possible workout.

7 Motivator

Can you get everyone in the crew on-side and working hard for the common goal?  What can you do to encourage teamwork among the individuals so the sum of the parts is greater?  Leadership plus humour are good combinations here.

8 Racing and Strategy

Racing well is all about performing under pressure. This takes practice and so even if you only do a little bit every practice, get the crew used to being under pressure as they train.  

9 Equipment 

Know what is working, what is broken and what to do to get it repaired before the next outing.  This isn’t just your coxing amplifier but any other part of the boat that gets damaged.  

10 Weight

This is the least important part of coxing - being light and on-weight on the day is the sign of a professional coxswain, but trust me, it’s the last on the list for a reason.



Quit your craning.

Forget the zing of panic when sculling - that niggling worry that you'll crash into something at any moment. Gone are the days of craning your neck for every second stroke to make sure you're headed in the right direction. Here's a super easy solution for you, scullers, that doesn't involve repetitive motion syndrome and neck aches: a mirror.

Cap-mounted Sculler's Mirror, that is.

Just like driving, you need to know where you're going. Turning around to check constantly is just impractical. That's why we carry the Sculler's Mirror. It's handy, it's scratch resistant, it's easily adjusted AND it mounts onto your hat (which you should be wearing to protect yourself from the sun... along with sunscreen, as we're sure you know). Position it once and it won't budge a bit.

Find the Sculler's Mirror in the Coxmate shoppe and start sculling practically... and quickly.


We're delighted to tell you about the Aussie men's 8 who have been using the new Coxmate speaker harness in their boat as they prepare for the Rio Olympics!

The Australia Men's 8 say speakers are better:

"I believe Fergus Pragnell sent you an email earlier about us having installed your gear into the boat, just thought I’d drop my own note now seeing as we have been using the system for a few weeks now. Once again, thanks so much for sending us the gear, I will be taking it overseas to the qualification regatta as it has been a good system!

Overall I can highly recommend the Coxmate speaker system. Installation was extremely easy and was able to fit the eight with a four speaker system in around 20 minutes; not needing any tools or hardware to install.  It was a huge time saver and makes it easy to install by anyone. Sound quality was impressive to say the least. I’m hearing (and the rowers) are definitely getting a clearer sound than the previous system we had in the boat. 3 days after the install we flooded the boat during a power work out, completely submerging the speaker system as we nearly sank, and the speakers didn’t lose any clarity. The clearness of the sound allows me to keep my amplifier unit at a lower volume which saves a lot of battery.

Thanks again Peter, I’ve recommended the system in the opportune moments that I have in this short time frame already and will continue to do so. When I head back to UW I’ll see what we can do there as well."

-Coxswain Stuart Sim

To improve sound distribution, we were the first to sell a wiring loom with 4 speakers for an 8 and we're thrilled to be the speaker system used for the Men's 8 team! Our new 6W Speaker/Harness System was created for maximum durability and sound quality. It handles the high power of today's amplifiers. 

Get the Coxmate 6W Speaker/Harness System that the Australia Men's 8 are using in our shoppe today.



Thanks to Ismael Montes Caamaño who sent us these photos of him and his crewmate using their Coxmate GPS in a pair.

Ismael was in the Spanish 8 at Aiguebelette having raced the World Cups in a pair and in 2014 was in the coxless four.

Thanks Ismael.

Coxmate GPS in a rowing pair boatSpanish rower, Ismael Montes using CoxmateCoxmate GPS from stroke seat