When your coxswains need to step up to the next level, a great way to show them what confident, authoritative coxing looks like is to watch an expert.

Katelen Snyder is the USA womens 8 coxswain and she gave this lecture at RowingTalks last year.Katelin Snyder

Not only will it give you new ideas if you are coaching coxswains, it will be good for them to watch it too.  

You can have a group discussion about what you learned afterwards.  This would be good to do during rowing camp.

Hat Tip to Ready All Row for the link.


Electronics for rowing boats are our specialism and today we are going to help you understand the different wiring configurations which are possible in rowing boats.  This focuses on fours and eights with coxswain.  Read the full product brochure for Coxmate wiring harness.

Rowing boats that use amplification have several different ways to add speakers so the coxswain’s voice is amplified and heard by everyone in the boat.  

How many speakers do rowing boats need?

We work on a rule of thumb of having one loudspeaker for every two athletes in the boat, excluding the coxswain.  Well, they are doing the talking so they don't need to hear themselves!  So in a rowing coxed four or coxed quad we use two loudspeakers and in an eight we use four.  

We normally position the speakers between 8 and 7; 6 and 5; 4 and 3; 2 and Bow.  So half the crew hear the cox from behind and half from in front. 

Harness wiring diagrams

Coxmate sells wiring harness and below we show all the different ways of arranging the components.  By the way, they are modular and so can be lined up according to your needs.  We sell them in kits or individually.  All Coxmate products are compatible with Nielsen Kellerman Cox Boxes (TM).

  • Eight harness with 3 speakers (above with stroke seat sensor for rating) below without stroke sensor

 Wiring harness for 8 with 3 speakers and Stroke Sensor

Wiring harness 8 with 3 speakers

  • Eight harness with 4 speakers (above with stroke seat sensor for rating) below without stroke sensor
  • Wiring harness 8 with 4 speakers

Wiring Harness 8 with four speakers and stroke sensor

  • Four harness with 2 speakers (above with stroke seat sensor for rating) below without stroke sensor

Wiring harness for four with 2 speakers and stroke sensor

Wiring Harness for Four with 2 speakers

Coxmate 6 Watt Speaker Harness for Rowing

Coxmate leads innovation in rowing electronics since it was founded over 10 years ago.  Peter Hodson and the design team have turned their attention to two new products for 2015 - you already know about the Coxmate GPS and today we’re proud to show you the new speaker harness.  It is named the 6W or Six Watt Coxmate Speaker Harness.

Why do we need a new harness design?

Amplifier power has been steadily increasing over recent years because coxswains and coaches have requested “louder” cox amplifiers and cox boxes.  

This has lead to a high failure rate in the speakers because 2 watt & 3 watt speakers have not been able to handle the 10 watts that some amplifiers are capable of delivering. 

Coxmate’s new 6W system handles the power with a larger speaker diaphragm and gives improved clarity and efficiency.


What’s new in Coxmate harness?

As ever, we started with giving you more sound - we continue to offer four speakers in an eight, and of course it’s fully compatible with NK harness and amplifier systems.  

The 6 watt, 12 ohm speakers are 3 inches in diameter and give improved efficiency, better sound quality and weigh only 100 grammes which is half the weight of an NK speaker.  Naturally, they are waterproof too.

We’ve given you more choices for mounting too - you no longer have to drill holes in your beautiful boat.  Coxmate supplies both screws or Velcro mounting options and also a special mount for rear mounting in bulkheads is available.  

Since we were improving everything, the stroke seat sensor has also been boosted.  Its got a larger magnet and a high sensitivity reed switch which allows you to mount it under the boat deck so stroke doesn’t stand on it every outing!   Out of sight under the deck means less chance of damage too.

What configurations do you offer?

We know that you have varying requirements and so the Coxmate 6W harness is available for fours and eights in several configurations.  Choose 3 or 4 speakers for an eight and both 4+ and 8+ can be with or without the stroke seat sensor for ratings.  Kinda trying to please everyone here!

Each part is sold separately or in bundles for coxed fours and eights in the Coxmate shop. The five components are:

  • F  Front section (connects amplifier to speakers)
  • F+ Front section with connector for seat sensor for rating
  • Y Extension section to connect each speaker
  • SP Speaker
  • SS Stroke Sensor

Browse rowing boat harness and speakers.

The Coxmate 6W Harness brochure summarises the full configuration options and wiring layout options plus full specifications.  

Now for the money

Coxmate continues with its fair pricing policy and you will find the equivalent NK products are somewhat more expensive.  In Australian dollars the comparison is below.

Harness price compare NK to Coxmate 

Head of Yarra boat numbers

It’s special, it happened and we were there.

Firstly, we loved this photo for showing us the behind the scenes organisation that has to happen in order to make the event.  What a HUGE number of boxes of numbers, instructions and other crew information to collect.  

Here’s a quick round-up of the amazing photographs captured on the day.

Swagman Photography has a gallery which you can slideshow or download...

and the official photographer, Gary Lynagh who has helpfully categorised into

And on the Facebook Head of the Yarra page, some discussion about providing overhead drone-cam coverage in future years.  Can't wait - that will really put the event on the international map! 



The results are finally in for our Win a Coxmate GPS draw!

We were overwhelmed by entries from all over the world so it was tough only picking 3 winners, so we used a random number selector to do it for us!

Thank you to everyone who entered.

And the winners are..

Josh Kaye, Nottingham RC, England

James Scott, St Catharines RC, Canada

Vincent Goris, The Netherlands

Roger Watts, Cambridge RC, New Zealand

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone who entered!

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