Coxmate has been working hard on this project for nearly a year with the main focus being to create a fully functional, easy to use and easy to read tool for coxless boats. The HC is the end result of this work.

The HC is a powerful instrument for scullers. The following main features:

  • Displays Time, Speed, Distance, Rate and more
  • Stores up to 100,000 strokes. Data can be transferred to PC and analysed
  • Large backlit display
  • Built in Heart Rate Antenna - (uses Polar T31series heart rate strap)


Look forward also to the many other powerful and practicle feature the HC has to offer in mid '08

  • High contrast display with switchable backlight.
  • Uses AAA batteries – Approx 1.5 years operation without backlight. Approx 90 hours  runtime with backlight on.
  • Configurable Feature Display; variables include: Rating, Speed, Average Speed, Distance, Stroke Count, Dist/Stroke, Heart Rate and Ratio(minimum speed/maximum speed for each stroke).
  • The HC has a substantial memory for storing data and a real time clock for time/date stamping rowing records. An optional PC link and analysis software package is available.
  • Includes both PACE boat, and ‘WORKOUT’ modes- WORKOUT requires computer interface to set it up.
  • A second HC unit can be used as a slave to first, enabling data to be displayed to more than one crew member.
  • The mounting bracket assembly is compatible with NK Speedcoach ® - 
  • System has option for a separate switch input – this can be used to start and stop timer.
  • Beeper: Unit has Beeper to attract rowers attention, eg when in WORKOUT mode, to advise rower of a STEP change.
  • The HC micro impeller is a significant improvement over existing impellers, dramatically reducing drag, susceptibility to damage and weed contamination.
  • The ability to connect GPS as speed sensor and to use GPS to calibrate impeller – requires special mounting with serial port.

From Grant Craies, Coach at Cambridge University

You can't get much more accurate than that! 

"Peter, as you know it is Henley week. The Henley Regatta is traditional and has its own unique markers and distances. From the Start the first timing marker is called ‘The Barrier’. This is in fact 637.3 mtrs from the start.(according to a brass plaque fixed to the barrier post)  We did a piece to the barrier yesterday and the Coxmate recorded 637 mtrs.

I think that is accurate enough for rowing!! I pointed out to the cox that she must have steered straight!



To use this same powerful and accurate technology for your crew, try the Coxmate SCT 

Coxmate is about to introduce a new product to the range of rowing electronics.

Coxmate has developed a suite of high tech rowing electronics that benefit rowers, coaches and coxswains alike

This time, Coxmate has developed something which contains no electronics but is sophisticated, yet very simple.


The Coxmate Mirror!

"Never crash again"


The Coxmate Mirror's main features are:

- large 50mm diameter mirror

- Glass mirror to reduce scratching

- Sturdy clip to hold onto any cap

- Adjustable wire, that is stiff enough and touch enough to float around in kit bags, be dropped and also not rust.

Buy yours in the online store: Online Store  


See Coxmate at the Australian Rowing National Championships.

Coxmate will have it's stand presenting all our products. Come and speak to Peter and Adrian about new products and new ideas. We're also on hand to help out with any coxmate related product problems.

Good luck to all crews racing.

September 2007 Newsletter  

Coxmate continues to grow, and continues to develop its products. We sold our first unit just over 5 years ago. We still have many enhancements to existing products and more exciting new product developments planned.