Coxmate 10 Year Anniversary

Coxmate has turned 10! We'd like to thank all of our customers who've helped us become the company we are today. Help us celebrate - download your copy of our new "Future of Rowing" eBook and check out what we've been up to these last 10 years by checking our timeline.


The Future Of Rowing eBook

We've interviewed 10 influential people in the world of rowing asking them what's changed for them in the last 10 years and what do they hope to see change in the next 10. The book is freely available for download by signing up here or by clicking on the picture below.

The Future of Rowing eBook


The Coxmate Timeline

Want to see where it all began? Check out the timeline below. It shows all of our key moments, when each model was introduced, updated and when Olympic athletes chose Coxmate. Navigate the timeline using either the arrows or by dragging the timeline below and clicking on the individual events.