Since our last post comparing the Coxmate GPS to the NK GPS there are now a few more similar products out there on the market. I thought now was a good time to draw up a comparison chart for you to see just what makes them all different.  

CoxBox is the Nielsen Kellerman workhorse which everyone knows.

Coxmate SX is our own GPS enabled coxswain amplifier.

So how do they stack up? 

Pricing first - these are based on published web data in July 2016.  


Overall the CoxBox is looking tired and lacking modern functionality like speed measurement a PC interface for downloading outing data and basics like a backlit display.    

The Coxmate SX is the winner on price compared with functionality.

Coxmate SX and CoxBox feature comparison 


Battery Life

Always a consideration when buying rowing electronics the three products go from 3 hours for a CoxBox to 8 hours for Coxmate SX. 

Speed Measurement

NK doesn't offer speed in an amplifier at this time.  And Coxmate SX has GPS and / or impeller options available.  Although the impeller option does require you to buy extra wiring, obviously.


Having a backlit display seems to be the standard nowadays and NK don't offer this feature.  Choosing what data to display is also important - Coxmate SX has a choice of parameters which include speed choices in m/s, 500m split, kms, miles or meters as well as distance moved per stroke and stroke count.  


The Coxmate can use either the NK "flowerpot" mount or its own supplied articulated mount.



Note: CoxBox is a registered trademark of Nielsen-Kellerman.