Women first raced eights in the Olympics in 1976 at Montreal.  Coxmate has researched back into history to find all the coxswains who have won Gold Medals since that time.  These women deserve celebrating. 

  • There are only six women who have won all the medals as 8s Coxswains from 1976 to 2012
  • Marina Wilke's son, Rob Jährling is also a rower competing for Austrlia and won silver in 2000
  • Women raced 1,000m until 1988 when they increased the distance to 2 km to match the men's event distance
  • Romania's Elena Georgescu has won 5 olympic medals of which 3 are golds in eights
  • Lesley Thompson has competed at 7 Olympics from 1984 to 2012
  • If USA wins in Rio, they will match the Romanian record of three wins in a row 

The full list of Winning coxswains at Olympic Regattas

1976 Montreal - East Germany, Marina Wilke 

1980 Moscow - East Germany  Marina Wilke 

1984 Los Angeles - USA Betsy Beard 

1988 Seoul - East Germany Daniela Neunast 

1992 Barcelona - Canada Lesley Thompson 

1996 Atlanta - Romania Elena Georgescu 

2000 Sydney - Romania Elena Georgescu 

2004 Athens - Romania Elena Georgescu 

2008 Beijing - USA Mary Whipple 

2012 London - USA Mary Whipple


If any kind soul has the inclination - the Wikipedia entry of Olympic Rowing Medalists does not have the crews in seating order consistently (it would be a kindness to edit the article to correct this).